An Interactive Reference Framework for Modeling a Dynamic Immune System (public data set)

Matthew H. Spitzer, Pier Federico Gherardini, Gabriela K. Fragiadakis, Nupur Bhattacharya, Robert T. Yuan, Andrew N. Hotson, Rachel Finck, Yaron Carmi, Eli R. Zunder, Wendy J. Fantl, Sean C. Bendall, Edgar G. Engleman, and Garry P. Nolan

The raw data from the experiments included in this publication can be accessed on Cytobank here:
Access the Raw Data

An R package for viewing the Scaffold maps can be located along with instructions on our github page:
Nolan Lab Github

In order to view the maps, the following ".scaffold" file must be downloaded for browsing and is available here:
Immune Reference .scaffold File